how i got diabetes

October 2006 – i had a bile duct obstruction due to stones from my gallbladder overfilling my gallbladder and in the way. The hospital needed to do a procedure called an ERCP (
5% of people getting an ERCP develop Acute Pancreatitis. I developed it. I was in the hospital for 14 days. I also had my gallbladder removed and had to have a drain off of my liver for bile for 3 more months.

Wikipedia acurately explained it as such: Gallstones that travel down the common bile duct and which subsequently get stuck in the Ampulla of Vater can cause obstruction in the outflow of pancreatic juices from the pancreas into the duodenum. The backflow of these digestive juices causes lysis (dissolving) of pancreatic cells and subsequent acute pancreatitis.

Complication of Acute Pancreatitis: Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus.

In July of this year, I was diagnosed with Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (Surgically Induced Diabetes). I am losing my Beta Islet Cells very quickly. Soon I will have none.

I also have been in renal failure since February of 2006. BEFORE the diabetes.
I never had a high blood sugar until the ERCP/Gallbladder Surgery.

My treatment is the same as a Type 1 diabetic.

9 responses to “how i got diabetes

  1. Hiya landileigh, I found you by Google magic. Thank you again for sharing your diabetes 365 site. It is clear that you are doing everything within your power to learn what you can about this disease. Not only that, even this early on you are teaching others by doing this. Bravo!

    Stay strong and be brave always!
    Lori xxxooo

  2. You have a pretty dang sweet site here. (pun unintended) I really like your pictures, they totally rock. I’m sorry about the diagnosis. Pain in the butt isn’t it? If you ever need someone to yack at I’m a non stop chatter box. I’m a bit new to Type 1 myself. Diagnosed in January. Well, I hope you’ll havea great day.

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  4. wow.

    that sucks.

    i am sorry.

    i know that is no eloquent, but diabetes sucks, and the other complications sound pretty difficult to deal with.

    i hope your body is healed and doing better, despite losing islet cells. There are many type 1 diabetics out there such as myself who are living good lives with diabetes. it makes things trickier, but it is do-able.

    Thank you for teaching us about this.

  5. Hi Landileigh,
    I have read your blog as you suggested. You poor thing! The gall bladder op was bad enough (particularly as I was 5 months pregnant!) but your experience sounds like it was neverending.
    A bit prayer for you that things improve.

  6. wow! I have never heard of that DX until now! thanks for sharing.


  7. Wow, it sounds like I narrowly escaped that. I had to have multiple surgeries for my gall bladder because the ducts were obstructed. They had to send me to the other hospital for one and, let me tell you, riding in an ambulance the day after having surgery is no picnic! LOL

    I turned carrot orange from the blockages and came close to dying but it left my pancreas alone. I’m sending up prayers of thanks for being spared that (though I then went and gave myself diabetes anyway by treating my body like a dump site) and prayers for health and strength for you.

    Thanks for friending me on Twitter. I look forward to getting to know you better. Be well! Be happy!


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