Biggest Loser Week #1 Post #1

scale3-copyHey everyone!

Welcome to Week #1 of the Biggest Loser ‘D’ Style! Now is the time to put the fork down, and get the feet a movin’! Remember it is up to you to do this, we’ll be here for the support whenever you need it!

I set up a new domain with a blog set aside just for the BL-ds! so we’ll all be here:

Week #1 Challenge: Send via email “What is the worst food in your pantry? Why is it the worst food?”

Remember to check in weekly (Sunday evening) with the challenge and your weight on Sunday.

For every week of the 12-16 week challenge (we’ll follow the show schedule) that you check in with that week’s challenge and submit your weight, your name will go into a hat for fabulous prizes! Rickina from Stick Me Designs, and Amy Tenderich from Diabetes Mine are donating prizes to encourage all of us to be accountable.

Don’t forget support group chat Sundays at 5:00pm pacific – 8:00pm eastern HERE:

Keep an eye on our new page, because it is changing rapidly!



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