D-Blog Day 2008


D-Blog Day was started 4 years ago today by Gina Capone. I didn’t have diabetes 4 years ago, had no idea what a blog really was, or a Diabetes Online Community.

Gina went to the JDRF Promise Ball last night, and just was at the DRI Diabetes 2.0 conference. She is a champion for all of us that have diabetes. She has taken over the D-OC to make it a better place for all of us diabetes bloggers. She makes sure that important people in the world of diabetes are speakers for her chats. She started the CGMS Anti-Denial petition, so that others with insurance issues had a chance to get this technology. She’s a lot of woman in a little package.

I didn’t know Gina back when she started D-Blog Day in 2005, but I know Gina now. Gina is one of my best friends. Not just online, but offline. She is usually the first person I talk to in the morning, and the last person I talk to at night. We often say we are cousins, as our life’s histories parallel one another’s. She is Half-Italian/Half-Sicilian, I am Half-Italian/Half-German. The men in her family are all plasterers, and my husband and his father are plasterers. We have similar senses of humors and can both laugh and cry at the same things. Whenever each of us has something important to share with someone, we are reaching out to one another. Stretched across this United States, we still connect on a different level that is beyond diabetes, beyond the internet, beyond the telephone. Noone can make me smile like she does. 

So Gina Capone, thank you. I love you with all my heart.


14 responses to “D-Blog Day 2008


  2. Hi sister!
    4 years ago I had db, but I certainly didn’t know what a blog was. I didn’t know that I would worry about people when they deviate from their normal posting rhythm; I didn’t know that I would think of somebody across the country when I heard about a particular news report or weather situation; and I didn’t know that I could feel so close to people I’d never met. Cool. Very cool.
    I wish you good days ahead.

  3. You’re very fortunate to have a friend like that, and that’s really a wonderful post. Happy D-Blog Day!

  4. What a wonderful post! Thank you.

  5. Landi-

    Happy D-Blog Day. Thanks so much for everyone thing you have done for the community. I am looking forward to working with you and wish you a long and healthy life.

  6. Happy D-Blog Day Landi! You are such a fun part of our family! And yes, Gina rocks.

  7. happy d-blog day! what a nice post! isnt it fun when imaginary friends turn real?

    they end up being more important than you ever thought.

  8. I HEART LANDI!!!!!!

    You are awesome and I feel so blessed to have you as my friend.

    chat at ya later. 😉

  9. Happy D-blog day! I am still trying to catch up on everyone’s posts!

  10. Belated Happy D-Blog Day! So little time and so many wonderful blog posts!

  11. I’ve been in the diabetes racket for almost 40 years, but I’ve never felt so much love and support as I have since discovering all you guys! (Gina is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!)

  12. I’m late, but still a Landi-fan! 🙂 Great post, my dear friend.

  13. I’m late to this party, but happy D-Blog day anyway. I’m a Landi-fan too and am out here in the stands rooting for you!

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