noone’s fault

it is noone’s fault that i have the medical conditions i have, and i thought, i wonder what they all are. luckily my chronic care manager lets me see them. 

Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease
“Other” Diabetes – currently on an Insulin Pump
Obstructive Sleep Apnea with Personal dependence upon CPAP
Allergic Rhinitis

after seeing that list in black and white, you might think… WTF? I’m 45 years old and all this SHIT is wrong with me??? okay… that’s over… i’m over it… and i’m not gonna just sit there and have a pity party, and i want noone to give me one! i got a life to be living…

and cats to be attacking!


One response to “noone’s fault

  1. Oh gosh, you got a photo with the chicken hat! Ha ha 🙂 Our cat refused to be seen in his!

    Happy D-Blogger Day1\!

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