George’s Fault!

this is all george’s fault! VLOG #1


14 responses to “George’s Fault!

  1. HOORAY! I love it! And your shirt is awesome.

    Be glad you don’t have a cougar. They can be a handful.

    I had fun chatting and playing Mario Kart that was fun.

  2. Landi, you ROCK!!!

  3. Great Vlog post – and congrats on the Animas – it’s a great pump!

  4. nice job landileigh! congrats on the pink pump! its the one i aspire to too!

  5. You’re a blogger! Does this mean you are the “b” word?

  6. The t-shirt rocks! I’m so jealous about your pump, I’d love one!

  7. YAAAAY! You VLOGGED!!! George is awesome. Glad you’re joining the Animas club! A rep at the ADA Expo told me they will have one with a CGM in it around next summer (pending FDA approval) just to let you know.

    I am sooooo jealous that you get a pink one!!!!!!

  8. Hoorah for pumping! Congrats on the decision 🙂 And I think that is the fastest pump start process that I have EVER heard of! Awesome!!!

  9. Way to go Landileigh! You’ve beaten me to the vlog world:)

    I am wearing the Pink Ping now too. I feel so feminine…..

  10. YAY! Landi is a vlogger with a smart new pink pump and a clean kitchen. 🙂

    Welcome to the fray, my vloggy friend!

  11. Nice Vlog!
    Congrats on your decision to pump, and the ease at getting it ordered, etc.

    (Dixie says woof!)

  12. Congrats! Sooner or later, I’ll get around to a true vlog posting … I just don’t have your courage (yet)!

  13. I’m waiting for Vlog 2, the sequel.

  14. Yeay for you. My son loves your guitar!

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