Crocs Discriminate!

i’m a woman. i love shoes. shoes do not love me. as a diabetic, i’m told i should wear shoes. so i thought, i’ll get some of those crocs. they have wide toe boxes, they should work. they’re cute, come in lots of colors, they even have a diabetic version. clouds. so i went to try on a pair. pink ones. REALLY CUTE!

i mean, don’t you see what i’m talking about here? ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. and i’m late to jump on the croc bandwagon.

then we run into the problem…


i have size 7EEE feet. yep, you read that right. EEE! the box the crocs fit in, fit better than the shoes!  for a shoe that is supposed to form itself to a wearer’s feet and offers purported medical benefits, kind of hard when they don’t make them to fit your feet! 

so i’m saying this: CROC make shoes that wide footed people can wear, and you’ll have a whole ‘nother market! don’t discriminate against us E+ people! we’re a whole huge market! we’ll be your best friends, I PROMISE!


5 responses to “Crocs Discriminate!

  1. I’ll tell ya. I was going to buy some because like you, I thought they looked cool, they had a D pair, AND everyone had them.

    My problem?

    Size 14.

    So they need to make sizes for the E+’s and the 13+’s!

  2. I have several pairs of Crocs and I HATE them. They hurt my feet. The only shoes I can handle wearing are my Jordan sandles. I have even had custom shoes made for me and still those hurt my feet as well. So I live in my sandles year around. In winter I wear socks.

  3. I found Croc’s in my size… but they still don’t seem to fit right. I never found them comfortable. I know others love them though– so I hope they listen to your plea for expanding the size selection!!

  4. for me, the 4-5 is too small and the 6-7 is too big! i need a 5-6.

    i’m trying to figure out how to turn my feet into hobbit feet so that nothing can get through them or hurt them and i don’t have to wear shoes at all.

    i dream big.

  5. At first sight, I saw the pic of your feet on the scale and thought “Is she crazy? Is she actually going to show her weight?!” LOL

    I think that crocs are funny looking. They look like shoes for little kids.

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