So i’m talking to miss kerri this morning about Raise Your Voice, and although i do not have Type 1 diabetes, my voice is raised also. i have Other Diabetes.

Types of Diabetes:

Classification of Diabetes:

  • Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
  • Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Other Types
As Wikipedia states it:

Other types

There are several rare causes of diabetes mellitus that do not fit into type 1, type 2, or gestational diabetes; attempts to classify them remain controversial. Some cases of diabetes are caused by the body’s tissue receptors not responding to insulin (even when insulin levels are normal, which is what separates it from type 2 diabetes); this form is very uncommon. Genetic mutations (autosomal ormitochondrial) can lead to defects in beta cell function. Abnormal insulin action may also have been genetically determined in some cases. Any disease that causes extensive damage to the pancreas may lead to diabetes (for example, chronic pancreatitis and cystic fibrosis). Diseases associated with excessive secretion of insulin-antagonistic hormones can cause diabetes (which is typically resolved once the hormone excess is removed). Many drugs impair insulin secretion and some toxins damage pancreatic beta cells. The ICD-10 (1992) diagnostic entity, malnutrition-related diabetes mellitus (MRDM or MMDM, ICD-10 code E12), was deprecated by the World Health Organization when the current taxonomy was introduced in 1999.[3]


I’m not T1, T2, Gestational…. I AM OTHER WOMAN! my treatment is the same as Type 1. My body acts like a T1. I am currently on MDI with looking towards the future of a pump. I’m very hypo aware. I also am currently in Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease (not a complication of Diabetes) that I had before diabetes. 

A cure will not help ME, but it will help T1’s and T2’s.

my hope? my wish? someday… i dream of that kidney… that new one and with it… a new pancreas. it’s what would make me whole… someday. for all the people who have had Acute or Chronic Pancreatitis, or Pancreatic Cancer, or Cystic Fibrosis, or one of the many other reasons to be an OTHER, i have that wish. 

So I RAISE MY VOICE! I raise my voice so you can hear and learn about me too. because although you don’t hear much about us OTHERS… we have diabetes too!



11 responses to “i am OTHER WOMAN!

  1. Landileigh, I hope you get your shiny new kidney and pancreas! Many of us are acutely aware of those that are left behind by particular advances. It is my hope that increasing knowledge is a tide that lifts all of our little ships.

  2. You rock, amiga! That was SOME voice you raised.

  3. I hear you, loud and clear! 😀

    — Miss Kerri.

  4. Landileigh, good to hear from you again! I definitely heard you! 🙂

  5. I’ve missed your posts – this was a great “return!”

  6. Hey Landileigh,

    May you receive the best kidney and pancreas.

    I’ll send along another Indian or Turkish movie quiz to you on Facebook.

  7. Thanks for posting this, OTHER WOMAN! We need to be aware of this, too. I hope you get the best kidney & pancreas in the whole wide world. Someone as sweet as you deserves the very best!

  8. Thanks for posting about this. 🙂
    Molly and Dixie

  9. I had never heard about “malnutrition-related diabetes mellitus” until reading your post. Wow! I have been Type 1 for almost 3 years and I thought I had education myself.

  10. I bet so many other people feel the same way as you do. The rest of the world looks at everything by T1 or T2. And while the treatment is the same as T1, it’s nice to know that you now can say “Other Diabetes” 🙂

  11. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Processional!!

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