google me? google you!

i had an two interesting experiences this week. the first, i had an old friend (i guess that’s the best word) contact me through an IM. beyond being surprised, i was inquisitive as to HOW this person found me again. they had GOOGLED me! the second, a co-worker told me she found my blog interesting, and discovered many different things about me that she hadn’t realized. one was she thought i was a better writer than i show myself to be.

 actually i’m probably one of the easiest people in the world to find. noone else has my first name. i googled myself and found i had 17 pages on me! and they weren’t just garbage pages, but REAL pages! so of course i had to click on my own links to see if there was anything that the private detectives of this world could discover on me. LOL! nope, boring as ever! i just can’t shut my trap and have to post, post, post, and blog, blog, blog!

 so this got me to thinking…  if an old friend and a workmate could find me… why can’t my very own father? he and my mother were never married, i’m definitely over 18. my mother passed away 10 years ago… nothing stopping him.

 oh, btw, if any old boyfriends read this, i’m still skinny, and young. those other pictures that you think you see on this blog are figments of your imagination.


4 responses to “google me? google you!

  1. LMAO!

    You crack me up!

  2. It is so weird to see how we can be googled. And yeah, for all those old boyfriends, I’m still skinny & sparkly, too. Right.

  3. You just make me laugh. Thanks!

  4. You’ve been googled and didn’t even know it! And I’m not gonna say a thing about googling yourself.


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