i hate being late

another morning of being late. i’m not a late person at all. i’m the one who shows up 10 minutes early.i live with two permanently late people. my mother was a late person. i used to tell her to be some place at 6:30 if i wanted her there at 7:00. i mean how long does it take someone to get dressed and get out the door? well, for my daughter. an hour and a half is just not enough time.

the big part of this is i cannot, for the life of me, get that child (17 years, 10 months, 14 days old) to get her butt out of bed. i start at 6:45 in the morning, that’s when my alarm goes off. i’m usually up on my own at 6:00am. then i go turn her light on, and set her alarm for 7:00. (i think she’s forgotten how to move the little switch to the right, figures it only works to the left). then her alarm goes off, it still is under the covers and back to sleep. then the morning yelling starts. “GET OUT OF BED!”, i scream. and she yells back, “I AM!” every single damn morning we do this. nothing works. i’ve done ice, water, throwing a cat on her. till i finally get her up at the last possible minute. i’m thinking of changing all the clocks in the house to get her to think she’s up later than she is.

the husband is just as bad. he has one speed, slow. the tortise has nothing on this man. he just plods along. plod, plod, plod.

my bosses are also permanently late people.

i’m beginning to think i’m on the wrong planet.


6 responses to “i hate being late

  1. Oh man… I hate being late, but when it comes to mornings, I’m more like your daughter / hubby. I suck at mornings. Just don’t talk to me til after about 9am (seriously!) and whatever you do, don’t expect me to get anywhere before 10!

    You want me awake and alert at 2am? No probs! I’ll even do all the housework at midnight. I’ll write a short story at 3am. But ask me to get up at 6am? Not a chance!

  2. I was traumatized into being a punctual person because of my mother’s lateness. She was ALWAYS late picking me up for things. I was always the last one to leave any kind of activity or party.

    There was also the time when I was 9 and had been dropped off in a parking lot with teams of other girls who were to be picked up for home after a 2 week stint in Girl Scout camp. Of course I was the last one waiting…and waiting…and waiting. Finally, the counselors had me call her to see where the hell she was because they wanted to get the hell home themselves. She was at work and clueless that she even had to pick me up!!!!!! She thought I was due home the next day.

  3. It’s funny, that’s exactly what my mom and I used to do when I was in high school. Almost too the word. Except instead of a cat, she’d throw the beagles on me.

    And hey, I survived. Still not a morning person, but I get out of bed in time for most things. πŸ˜›

  4. I used to have the same problem as a teenager. I think it’s just that the brain works differently then. I just could not wake up in the morning at all. It got better the older I got. Now I try not to be late because I also had a chronically late mother. Mine forgot to pick me up, too!

  5. It’s her age. I’m going through the same thing lately. I can’t get out of bed until past 9 am some mornings. Thankfully because I’m homeschooled it’s okay, but I can’t even imagine getting up at 6 like my friends do.
    I hate being late to events etc too!

  6. I hate being late to anything, too. Drives me crazy!

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