diabetes 365 – day 77 – 01/16/08


my first thought when seeing this vehicle in front of me: this man is CRAZY! what a huge misconception! we were both going to Kaiser-Permanente, and the man was just as normal as can be.

People with diabetes also have misconceptions. That they are fragile, or can’t eat what every one else is eating, or that they’ll get every complication. NOT TRUE!


4 responses to “diabetes 365 – day 77 – 01/16/08

  1. I think I want that car.

  2. I think I do too. That rocks.

  3. That’s a going to Bon Jovi car!

  4. Only in California 😉

    He wasn’t a hippy?

    That is an excellent car to play “I Spy” with.

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