day 68/69 – 01/02-03/08


my opthamologist has been taking care of my eyes for many years. I had strabismus surgery in 1993. He now is watching me for diabetes retinopathy, and saw no signs at my visit! one dang good thing to chalk up for in 2008!


well i couldn’t see a dang thing with my eyes all dialated. good thing it was night when i finished my eye appointment. no signs of retinopathy!

i couldn’t believe holly took this, and i look like a dang BUG! i couldn’t see in front of my face, everything was a big blur for 4 hours!


4 responses to “day 68/69 – 01/02-03/08

  1. Ha! That’s a great pic!

    I swear, I wonder what people think when they see our pupils all huge like that.

    I spent the drive back to work thinking “no really officer…”!

  2. Congratulations on the no retinopathy! Did they give you some reversal drops so your eyes would un-dilate quicker? My ophthalmologist started doing that and it really sped things up. But usually when I leave his office, it’s always sunny – which is usually a good thing. But, wow, that sun is bright when your eyes are dilated!

    Glad you had a good exam with good results.

  3. great photos and congrats on no retinopathy!

  4. Yay for your eyes! And that last picture really made me laugh!!

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