day 66 – 12/31/07 – GOOD RIDDANCE!


luckily with 20 people drinking and only 2 bottles we only got a “toast’s” worth! Here’s to 2008! cuz 2007 SUCKED THE BIG ONE!

i’ve been depressed for a couple of days as i looked back onto 2007. i hated this year. 2007 was the year of a whole new disease. one i could definitely have done without.

the only good thing about 2007 was all of you! all of my new friends. without each and every one of you, i don’t know where i would be right now.

so, raise a glass and say, “Here’s to 2008!”


3 responses to “day 66 – 12/31/07 – GOOD RIDDANCE!

  1. I have a good feeling about 08. Here’s to a meet-up in WA! Can’t wait to chat soon.

  2. 2007 brought me a lot of new friends, too. And that’s a good thing. Here’s to more good things in 2008!

  3. Cheers!! I’m thankful for my OC friends too. This year is going to be better.

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