day 64 – 12/28/07


holly and i went to the newest Walmart super store. i have avoided McD’s since Dx in July. But they HAD to have one in the dang store! i was overwhelmed. So, i dug out my trusty Calorie King Carb counter and bolused 8 units. OH MAN IT WAS SO FRIGGING WORTH IT! i can’t even begin to tell you how it made me feel all warm and good inside. i promise to be good most of the time, but this truly was a treat!


One response to “day 64 – 12/28/07

  1. Once in a while, it is truly worth it, isn’t it? Mmmm…that Quarter Pounder is making me hungry for McDonald’s, too. We may have to make a trip there later. Yummy!

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