day 56 – 12/21/07


this is my sleeping daughter, my 17 year old only child. she is why i’m doing whatever i can to keep myself healthy. i’ve never had a friend such as her. at the moment this picture was taken, she wasn’t thinking of taking care of me. she wasn’t making sure i had juice if i was low, or water if i was high, or did i have my kit with me. did i have enough needles for the pens.

she has been working since thanksgiving at her first job. she’s starting to be independent, part of that scares the living daylights out of me, and part of me is so proud i could burst.

i like this picture because it reminds me she is still a little girl.


One response to “day 56 – 12/21/07

  1. How sweet. I know it’s tough when they start being so independent. You’re so proud of them for growing up & being responsible adults, yet you want them to remain your babies. I’m at that point in my life right now, too. Both of my kids in are in their twenties & own their own houses. But they’re still my babies (don’t tell them I said that) & always will be.

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