day 55 – 12/20/07


now that i am finally testing 10-12 times a day, i have finally developed the little prick spots on my fingertips. i’m not sure that i like them at all.


3 responses to “day 55 – 12/20/07

  1. I usually don’t use the very ends of my fingertips to do my testing as it makes them very sore when I’m typing on the computer at my job. I use just the edges. But mine are still ugly – they get kind of calloused; then they peel – yuck!

    Yours look a little sore; but they don’t look bad. I think everyone thinks their fingers look ugly when they’ve used them for testing for a while. I’m sure you notice them more than anyone. I hope mine don’t look as bad as I think they do. If they do, I’m probably scaring people with them. LOL! 🙂

  2. Keep testing and u will continue to feel better.
    You’ll get used to the spots – Trust me, u see them more than others!!! Use them as an excuse to get paraffin hand treatments!

  3. We prick the sides of Brendon’s fingertips so that the soreness doesn’t interfere with him using his hands.

    I’m happy though, that you’re testing so often.

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