day 51 – 12/16/07


this has been my weekend. a weekend of lows. with a meter in one hand and a glass of juice in the other. i was used to just having the highs. now i feel like i’m on a big teeter-totter swinging up and down over and over again.

my daughter has learned to be quick with the juice and to make me drink. it terrifies her to see me in a low. she says my eyes roll back and i look like i’m about to have a seizure. all i know is that i shake like i have parkinsons and everything gets real blurry. i wish it wasn’t her who had to take care of me. the one person i don’t want to cause pain to.


One response to “day 51 – 12/16/07

  1. Youch! Lows are a pain, not only for you but for those around you.

    You can do it, just keep trucking.

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