day 48/49/50 – 12/13-15/07


my husband came home after not being home for 9 days. it is hard to deal with, but i know that my husband is needed to take care of his father.

this is our 20th christmas together. and i love him just as much as i did at our first.

btw, i’m holding Ariel, and Chuck is holding Belle


I woke up at almost 3am with a low. my first nighttime low on lantus/humalog. i was able to take care of this myself. i hope that these are few and far between.


this is one weeks worth of doctor’s visits and prescriptions. in the month of december, i have all my return visits for my cardiologist, nephrologist, general pracitioner and endocrinologist. i’m doctored out!

i’m very grateful for Kaiser-Permanente and my husband’s insurance.


One response to “day 48/49/50 – 12/13-15/07

  1. aw! Cute photo.
    Love your tree.
    you and your hubby look so comfy.
    lvoe that!

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