day 43 – 12/8/07


diabetes invades every part of life.

this is me and one of my best friends Cindy, at my PT Cruiser Christmas Party. Cindy is a breast cancer survivor. She’s learned how to give me glucagon if needed and how to treat a low and a high.

there’s my D-kit on the table, where i checked my blood sugar many times over the night.


yes Santa, i have been a good girl this year. my grown-up christmas wish – a CURE FOR DIABETES!


3 responses to “day 43 – 12/8/07

  1. you look so pretty! I want to touch you! That velvety dress is very touchable! Was hubby there? I didn’t realize you had redish hair–it’s very beautiful.

  2. Sorry about before–I was trying to upload some of my Taiwan photos to Flickr, but my laptop has no capacity and kept crashing so I had to restart three times! Grr…hope you had a good evening. It was nice to chat.

  3. We make a cute couple

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