day 42 – 12/7/07


maintenance is this weeks focus – and as of today this is my new maintenance!

i had my appointment today with my endo and he thought it best to put me on MDI with lantus/novolog. i had to get a vial of lantus because they have to order me an opticlik, and it won’t be in until monday.

he said this would allow me freedom and give me control over the highs that i have been having. i’m not very hyper-aware (i do have a diabetes sniffing kitty though!), but am very hypo-aware. i have only had one SEVERE low, and it was very sudden and hard to catch until i was fully caught up in it.

btw, i still have a minute amount of c-peptide, though it’s almost all gone and the honeymoon is almost over.


One response to “day 42 – 12/7/07

  1. Sorry about the honeymoon coming to an end. Good luck with MDI!!

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