day 40 – 12/5/07


this is my CPAP machine. along with kidney failure and diabetes, i also have sleep apnea.

this machine maintains my breathing while sleeping so that i keep breathing. before i had it, i would stop breathing every couple of seconds. this made me achey and have migraines, and who knows what other medical problems. once i got it, i was able to get off of all sorts of anti-depressants and sleep medications. i wake up every morning refreshed.

it also helps when i’m sick as it forces air up my nose so i breathe. this clears it out so my sinuses don’t get all clogged up. and sick days aren’t as bad as they could be.

amazing little machine that maintains my quality of life.


One response to “day 40 – 12/5/07

  1. cool. i don’t have sleep apnea, but i sure could use something to unblock my nose when it blocks up. haha but i think i will stick to my good old vicks vaporub!

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