my first “low” hangover

i’d had a low yesterday morning getting my blood work done for my endo. then last night i was high with a 286 and so i corrected. i woke up about an hour after going to sleep with a 68 (very low for me, similar to a 48 for most people). so i had a little something to eat and went back to bed. this morning i woke up with my first “low” hangover.

 i haven’t had a drinking hangover since i was 21. i never liked that feeling, so i decided to not let that ever happen again and am always careful about my drinking. but, i’m 45 now. and nothing i have done all day has shaken this. i’ve been hovering around 100 all day, so i know my numbers are good. but i feel nauseous and my head feels like it is one of those bobble head dolls going back and forth in the car. and this weird taste in my mouth. yuck! all i’ve done all day is drink water. i feel sooooooooo dehydrated! it’s bad enough i get dehydrated easily, but i feel unquenchable.

 at least if i’d had this hangover because of drinking, i’d have had some fun getting there!


2 responses to “my first “low” hangover

  1. 😦 i hear ya…the hypo hangovers suck! drinking hangovers are worse (for me anyway), but you’re right about the process being more fun!

    here’s to a better tomorrow.

  2. I can definitely sympathize. I’ve had a couple of those. I’ll let you know when I find the low hangover cure. According to my roommate, the best way to handle a regular hangover is to drink warm water and eat a slice of cheese. LOL

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