one month ago

one month ago:

i was alone with my books and google information regarding diabetes. then one day… one amazing day…  October 25, 2007, i googled and it brought me to Diabetes365.

wow! what is this? i had to read each and every picture. THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE LIKE ME!

i HAD to be a part of it. my story was different. i was new at this. i was 44 years old. i was type 1. i was one of the few with kidney disease – BEFORE diabetes. i HAD to be a part of it. and who would ever know what ball got rolling with that, because soon…

then… oh my gosh! there are forums… there is (MY SPACE ON INSULIN!) , there are lists of articles, and dLife… and BLOGS!

Oh so many blogs, with interesting people. People with Type 1, and Type 2. With children and parents and the teenagers. And I was one of them! I wasn’t different. I was no longer alone. Soon I was off making friends and sharing my BG with others.

Books and Google can only give you so much. It’s the people that give you so much more!

okay, i’m off, so many more blogs to read than my own!


4 responses to “one month ago

  1. Wow! Only a month – well we love having you!

    I love the look of your site – very clean lines and well organized.

    Did you take the picture at the top?

  2. Your enthusiasm is contagious! I’m smiling!

  3. We’re glad you’re here! 🙂

  4. yay for the OC! glad to have you here, i love reading all the blogs too:)

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