diabetes 365 – day 28 – 11/23/07


the turkey i HAD to cook attacked me. now i’m wounded. a diabetic has to be careful of wounds and to watch them as they heal. if it takes too long to heal, i will have to see a doctor for antibiotics and more care.


 so there’s a story as to why i HAD to cook the gorgeous turkey up above. here’s how it goes.

my 80 year old FIL has been in/out of the hospital since beginning of August. my husband and his two sisters have been splitting shifts taking care of him. on Tuesday we got the call that he had pneumonia.  my daughter had a bout of throwing up (probably something she ate) on wednesday. just another complication to a myriad of complications.

 middle sister calls off thanksgiving after me and her husband worked out details. my husband is pissed at this point. MAJORALLY PISSED! so since i had already made 2 pies (one regular and one sugar free), and the dressing, i say i can handle this (do i have a death wish?) and we need to take care of OUR family (my husband, daughter, and myself) and i’ll do our own thanksgiving.

little did i know that the only dang turkey i could find on thanksgiving morning that wasn’t frozen would be almost 20lbs. anyone see that commercial where the lady was wrestling with the turkey and it flew out the kitchen window and smacked the husband in the head? well me and the bird went a couple of rounds. at one point i had to rip his little wings off after they attacked me (see bloody spot on hand in above pic). 5 hours later bird was done, i’d burned the mashed potatoes (wasn’t gonna eat them anyways), my gravy was too thin, dressing was perfect and we never did eat any pie. guess i’ll just have it for breakfast.

oh and my husband finally called his sister a bad name. one i’ve been calling her in my head for years. that made it one of the best thanksgivings ever!


One response to “diabetes 365 – day 28 – 11/23/07

  1. Called off Thanksgiving? Why I’ve never heard of such a thing! Reminds me of Michael Scott from the TV show “The Office” announcing that he’s “cancelled Christmas” because his girlfriend broke up with him.

    I’m glad you had a good time with your family anyway, and that you survived the turkey wings. Hope all heals well–family, FIL, daughter and your hands included!

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